One of the Best Parts of the Holidays …

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It’s official, the holidays are upon us. Friends, family and good times are what the next few weeks are all about. And there is nothing better on Thanksgiving morning, Black Friday morning, Christmas morning and (for sure) New Year’s Day morning than a good bloody mary. If you’re not familiar, then it’s time you discovered Big Tom Bloody Mary Mix.

Conquering the Polar Vortex…..

It would appear that the cold weather has arrived and it might be here for some time. It makes for festive holidays, egg nog and what not with the possibility of getting snowed in somewhere remote. While others are out raiding Kroger for bread and milk, you should take a look at our new outerwear that will help you endure and survive the Vortex in style….. and while you’re at it why not throw on a colorful scarf from our many resources!