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“For tireless seekers of the authentic” – Wall Street Journal

When I moved to Nashville in 1992 there was nothing like the city guides you see here from Wildsam.  Granted, the Nashville of 1992 and the Nashville of now are polar opposites, but I still didn’t have any bearings on where the locals went or what businesses were run by “true originals”. Over time and through friends I made, I would find these things out, but it’s always a little helpful to have a head start.

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That’s where these city guides from Wildsam come in. As Conde Nast says, “these guides get at the soul of a city.”  And they do.  They are the best city guides of their kind.  Wildsam guides get down to the brass tacks, and give you the direction you need to dive into a city and come away with a memorable trip.  If you want to get far off the tourist trail then these guides are for you.  The select suggestions given in these guides could just as well be smart picks a close friend might offer.  It all adds up to guides that lead to inspiring and memorable travel.

These guides get their authenticity from a heavy reliance on the advice of locals – prominent and not so prominent. When I saw listings for Hawk’s Crawfish, Fred’s Lounge and Pascal’s Manale, I knew the New Orleans guide was for real.  Likewise, when I saw Lafayette Hot Dogs in the Detroit guide there was no doubt the locals had been consulted.  These guides aim to shed light on the lesser known, the complex, the real things.  And they succeed brilliantly.

With the summer season starting up, these Wildsam’s guides are the perfect inspiration for your travels. Full of maps, artwork, interviews with locals, listings of the best of the best, suggestions for food, drink and action as well as essays that give insight into the personality of the city, these guides are a must have.

M. S. McClellan proudly stocks guides for Nashville, Charleston, New Orleans, Detroit, Brooklyn, Austin and San Francisco

– Bob

Brooklyn Itinerary

Going to Brooklyn? Here are some essentials….

Austin swimmingholes

Apparently, Austin is known for their swimming holes…  Here’s where you can find the best ones…

San Fran Fog Signals

A handy guide to deciphering the fog signals in San Francisco…

Shinola watchmaker

A cool interview with a Shinola watchmaker in Detroit…

Pascal's Shucker

An interview with the oyster shucker at Pascal’s Manale in New Orleans.  Think he knows a thing or two about the city?

Nashville essay

Who better to write about the heartbeat of Nashville than Rosanne Cash …

Charleston Men's

If you happen to be caught in Charleston and find yourself in need of some emergency rags…Grady Ervin, M. Dumas, Ben Silver and Berlin’s all check out. And they are friends, too!

New Orleans Acadiana

If you want some side trips while visiting New Orleans then here they are…and they’re legit.

Austin Contribs

All guides, like this one for Austin, feature a wide variety of local contributors who know the ins and outs of their cities…

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