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Barbour lifestyle

If you’re like most people, your Barbour is an old and trusted friend.  And because of this, a Barbour takes a beating and never lets you down.  But over time those beatings take a toll and your friend requires some much needed TLC.

That’s where Barbour reproofing and repair comes in.  Once upon a time we had to send your Barbour all the way back to England which made it expensive and time consuming – not anymore.   With a US location in New Hampshire the process is both affordable and rather quick.  And the time is now so you’ll have your friend back in hand come the fall.  It only costs $55, and we generally have your Barbour back in about 3-4 weeks.  We’re happy to mail your Barbour to New Hampshire for any work needed and we’ll call you when it comes back to our store.

Barbour reproof I

Before you get any notions of trying to reproof a Barbour on your own….don’t. It’s a pain and it’s a royal mess.  You’ll be at your wit’s end and not a very agreeable person to be around.  Trust us on this one, send it to Barbour and let a professional do the work.

Barbour reproof III

If your old friend is showing some signs of damage or rips, Barbour also handles that with a varied price structure depending on the repair needed. 


This little buddy needs some love ……

Barbour with age

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