There’s nothing odd about the odd jacket…

“A jacket tells the world you are open to fun…Anytime I see a man playing golf or tennis in a his jacket, I know he and I could be friends.”

– Luciano Barbera

Our friend, Mr. Barbera, has it right.  The odd jacket (named so because it does not match with a pair of suit trousers) lets the world know you’re not one to be confined to the bland uniform of the IBM workplace.  As he says above, you’re up for fun and not afraid of some individuality.

Here at the M. S., the odd jacket is the wardrobe foundation for the man with style, and we have plenty of them just for you if you should be that man.  We’re happy to present selections from Canali, Samuelsohn, Southwick, Empire, Crittenden, Hickey Freeman and a particularly eye catching jacket from Coppley. They all match wonderfully with our trouser separates, shirts from Eton and a variety of neckwear.  Don’t forget a pocket square for an extra bit of sprezzatura.

If the odd jacket presents a challenge when it comes to the art of matching – let our professional staff assist.  You’ll leave looking like a million, and ready for fun.

Flynt outfit

Pink linen popover from Gitman Bros. with a soft coat from Flynt.  Add some our Res Ipsa slippers and a pair of white jeans and you’re good…


Southwick tan hounds

If you think you saw this in the fall, you’d be right.  But it was in a heavy wool.  This good looking number is a silk and cotton version.  Cool enough for summer and equally so on you.  Paired here with cream trousers.

Southwick tan hounds 2

Canali with Culterata

You’ve seen this beautiful Canali sport coat before, but it’s paired here with an awesome sport shirt from Culturata.  Wonderful Italian craftsmanship is on display in both.  We’ve got more Culturata for you to check out, so give it a look.

Empire with Eton

 Empire double breasted jacket in new blue with Eton sport shirt.

Hickey Traveler outfitThe beautiful Traveler Jacket from Hickey Freeman…

Hickey Freeman Traveler 2

Empire lavendar

Lavender and brown from Empire.

Nikky with AG

A great soft coat from Nikky.

Peter Millar window

Peter Millar

Peter Millar

Peter Millar

Samuelsohn Summertime

The Summertime Blazer from Samuelsohn… part of the ABS 10 Collection.  This is a great warm weather alternative to your go to navy blazer.

Crit 1

Cool and unstructured, these soft coats from Crittenden can dress up denim or casual pants easy.  Add a Culturata sport shirt and a pocket square to complete the look.

Crit 2

Crit detail

Coppley madras

How about this beauty from Coppley – paired with red linen from Hiltl.  The Derby isn’t far off.

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