The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports …..

It’s that time of year again.  Time for pomp and pageantry, mint juleps, big – BIG – hats, seersucker and all the other whatnot that goes into the “First Saturday in May.”  Of course, it’s all over in two minutes which begs the question what are you to do for the hours leading up? That’s easy….put your best foot forward, imbibe in some fine Kentucky Bourbon and do it all in colorful style.

If you’re heading up to Louisville this weekend, we’d like to present some inspiration for your race day wear.

And if you’re staying here in town we’d like to offer some direction on making mint juleps…it’s a wonderful cocktail.  So good, in fact, that it should not be limited to just the First Saturday in May.

Mint Juleps

Click here for a classic Mint Julep recipe….

Throwing a Derby party?  Click here for some tips from Garden and Gun Magazine….


Coppley linen

Nothing more classic than a white linen suit from Coppley

Coppley linen detail

Coppley linen detail 2


Seersucker is always in….tan just gives you another angle!

Tan Seersucker


Hickey Freeman

hickey Spt coat

Hickey spt coat 2

Hickey spt coat pocket square

Hickey spt coat tie pin




Samuelsohn blazer

Samuelsohn blazer detail



Samuelsohn spt coat

Samuelsoh spt coat deail


Bow Ties are just the thing!

Derby bow ties


Particularly this one……

Derby jockey bowtie

Derby jockey with Eton

How about these peacock-worthy socks?

Julep socksjulep socks 2


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