The Coolest Weekend Bag You’ve Ever Seen…..

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M. S. McClellan is constantly on the look out for the new and unique.  Those items that you won’t find anywhere else.  With these new weekender bags from Hook & Albert we think you’ll agree that we struck gold.  It’s a garment bag – duffle bag all in one.  No more juggling two pieces of travel luggage at the airport.  Or worse yet trying to pack your suits and dress shirts into a rolling case only to get to your destination to find your clothes are wrinkled.  We think the Hook & Albert Weekender solves both problems.  Compact enough to treat as a carry on.  Big enough to get everything you need for a weekend out of town.

The Weekender starts as a garment bag laid flat so you can get a suit and some dress shirts laid out (or a sport coat and two pair of trousers and dress shirts) and then zip up the case to create the duffle.  Since there is no folding involved, your dress clothing remains fresh requiring only a quick shake out when you arrive.  The inside walls on the ends serve as a shoe caddy for extra reinforcement and stability.  Zip up the sides and use the inside as the duffle bag.  It’s roomy enough to hold extra jeans, shirts, sweaters, underwear, socks and dopp kit.  (You’ll see how much it holds below.)  Zip up the top securely and you’re off and running.

What and who is this bag perfect for?  Weddings, guy trips, the man who takes 2-3 day business trips, a weekend getaway (obviously) and a host of other short term travel adventures.  We’re pretty sure that a Hook & Albert Weekender will become your go-to for quick trips. If you’re really stumped for a unique holiday gift….here you go.  We have two models available – brown leather (featured here) and an olive waxed canvas.

hook and albert full view


First – it’s a hanging garment bag.  Roomy enough for a suit or a blazer and two trousers.

hook and albert open

hook and albert open 2

Plenty of inside pockets for belts, ties, cuff links, pocket squares, braces ……

pocket close up 2


pocket close up


The ends serve as a shoe caddy that provides some stability to the duffle….

shoe pocket


Zipped up and waiting for more clothes!


hook and albert zipped and open


Loaded up….and ready to hit the road!

hook and albert zipped and full


Zip up the sides and securely fasten with these metal clips…..


zipper side closure


We got all this into the Weekender including the sport coat and trousers….


articles packed


Side pockets on the front and a deep zippered pocket on the back provide quick access to the stuff you need quick.


side pockets

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