The Finest Ties in the World

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Once upon a time, the finest ties were made in the Seven Fold tradition. It’s a process where the tie is entirely constructed from folded silk with no linings. It’s lavish, time consuming and yes, expensive. The good people at Robert Talbott resurrected the tradition in 1986 and they are the only American tie maker that creates these works of art. We carry the Robert Talbott Seven Fold tie in our store and bring in new styles seasonally, and we figured you might want to know a little more about these beautiful works of art.

Some things worth knowing…

*Seven fold ties are made entirely by hand and use a full yard of silk that is folded seven times. It’s a labor intensive process as the silk is cut and sewn by hand.

*Due to the hand making process, seven fold ties are a limited production of 40 ties for each pattern and then discontinued.

* The cost can be an eye opener, but the seven fold tie is the ultimate neckwear. If you want the most beautiful neckwear made from the best fabrics then the seven fold tie is for you. It’s the most luxurious piece of neckwear in the world.

Check out the video from Robert Talbott to learn more about the seven fold tie. Come visit us to see them for yourself.


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