RazorPit – Save your razors, save your money….

It’s no secret that razors like Mach 3 and Fusion cost a small fortune.  You can easily spend over $30 a month on razors. But what if you could find a product that would give you up to 150 shaves on one razor and in the process save you a lot of money?  

You can, and it’s called RazorPit.  It’s an easy to use tool that will extend the life of most major razor blades on the market.  The concept behind RazorPit is simple.  The reason that your blades become dull in a short amount of time is the accumulation of hair, dead skin and oils.  Clean away the gunk and you’re shaving with a sharp blade again.  With RazorPit, you clean your razor after each use and start the next day with a practically new blade!

razorpit sales image

It only takes a minute!  And think of the savings!



Want to learn more?  Check out this video…..


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