One Jacket – Three Days

When we saw this jacket from Private White in New York at the MRkt Show we instantly knew that we had to bring this to our customers.


Private White is an English concern that pays homage to WW I hero, Private Jack White.  This collection has subtle nods to its military legacy, and it represents the highest standards in British manufacturing.  If you want, read about Jack White HERE.  One lasting legacy of WWII British manufacturing is the fabric called Ventile.  It was a fabric developed for the British RAF pilots that would increase their chance of survival should they have to ditch out over the cold ocean waters. While wearing Ventile, the pilots could maintain warmth and stay dry for periods of time until they could be rescued. It’s a fabric that is 100% cotton and it features an extremely tight weave to maintain waterproofing.

The coat we’re featuring here is part outerwear and part sport coat.  Both windproof and waterproof, it is the ideal travel companion. And in a day where carry on’s and versatility are the name of the game, this coat is nothing short of perfect.  It’s rugged enough for daily wear, but sophisticated enough to gain you entrance in a decent restaurant.


If you (or someone you know) is a frequent traveler, then this jacket is for you (or them.)

Shown below are three interpretations of a weekend getaway with this great coat.


Sweater – Alex Cannon / Tattersall Shirt – Overton / Pants – Hiltl / Belt – W. Kleinberg / Chelsea Boots – Dubarry / Socks – Scott Nichols


Denim – AG Denim / Belt – W. Kleinberg / Shawl Sweatshirt – Agave Denim / Sportshirt – New England Shirt / Scarf – Trumbull Rhodes / Chelsea Boots – Dubarry / Socks – Scott Nichols


Wool 5 pocket pant – Peter Millar Collection / Spread Collar Shirt – Seaward & Stearn / Tie – Martin Dingman / Sweater Vest – Alan Paine / Scarf – Chelsey / Gloves – Barbour / Chelsea Boots – Dubarry / Socks – Martin Dingman


We also carry a 3/4 length raincoat in Ventile from Private White





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