Fall cannot get here soon enough…..

Sooner than late, you have to believe that the weather is going to turn.  With the leaves already turning color and falling there simply must be a cold front on the way, right?  We sure hope so as it’s time for sweaters, flannels, pullovers, outerwear, gloves and the like.  Here at M. S. McClellan, we are locked and loaded for the season, and it is with that in mind that we present you with some inspiration to make the best of this fall!

If you see something you like, never hesitate to give us a call.  We’re always happy to help.


New and beautiful sweaters from Alan Paine abound!  Make sure to check out the cashmere!

Alan Paine

Awesome Barbour sweater lined with a storm system to keep the wind and cold out…

barbour storm lined sweater

barbour sweater detail

Great items from Luciano Barbera…

Barbera - Eton 2

Barbera - Eton

Barbera spt jkt

Barbera detail

Barbera raincoat

Just makes you want to head to the Smokies…..

Suit Room manny

Great shoes from Dubarry ….

Dubarry boots

Dubarry chelsea

Dubarry suede

Barbour green tatter barbour tattersal 2 Barbour tattersal Barbour tneck and Beaufort barour flannel tattersal


Wolverine duck boot

Wolverine duck boot 2

Chrysillas manny

Chrysillas manny detail

Dubarry vest

Dubarry vest detail

Flynt jkt with hawley sweater

Flynt jkt detail

Millar gray orange sport coat manny

Millar gray orange manny detail

Peter Millar melange vest

Peter Millar sleeve


Crit vest

Pheasant Bows Dingman argyle

Peter Millar waxed coat

Millar waxed sweater shirt detail

If your dog needs a comfy place to lay down then check out these dog beds from Barbour…

Barbour Dog bed

Barbour dog bed 2

Dubarry mannequin




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