Ettinger – British luxury good enough for the Royals

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M. S. McClellan is pleased to be an exclusive retailer for Ettinger, luxurious leather goods that will last a lifetime!

Founded by Gerry Ettinger in 1934, Ettinger is still a family owned and managed company that has established a reputation around the world as one of the finest leather goods manufacturers in Great Britain. Known primarily for their wallets, the Ettinger style is timeless, elegant and imbued with typical English flair.  These beautiful wallets are hand made and possess a classic but characterful design that feature some confident use of color not to mention great attention to detail.

The Ettinger customer will be particularly fond of this skilled craftsmanship that results in a wallet that is expertly put together and is made to last.  The leathers are sourced from the best tanneries in Europe. Some of these leathers are made especially for Ettinger – specifically the Bridle Hide Collection that M. S. McClellan is now retailing.  These beautiful leathers are sourced from yearlings and they produce a softer and finer leather that develops a beautiful patina over time.
As if the quality of leathers was not enough, there is the quality of the artisans to consider too.  It takes each craftsperson employed by Ettinger a total of 5 years training to be considered a competent stand alone professional on the assembly lines. The end result is a workforce that is committed to turning out only the absolute best in leather goods.
The luxury, quality and discretion that is the hallmark of Ettinger’s success is witnessed by the fact that Ettinger has been manufacturing leather goods for members of the Royal Family for many years.  Further proof was evident when Ettinger was granted a Royal Warrant to HRH The Prince of Wales in 1996.  This Warrant gives Ettinger the right to carry the Prince of Wales Cipher on all products.

Ettinger leather goods will appeal particularly to those who are not necessarily fashion conscious, in fact might be quite classic, yet don’t want to be like everyone and will happily sport their own style.  Not over the top but cheerful and independent.
M. S. McClellan has an ample selection of Ettinger wallets for your consideration.  We think you will be impressed.

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