Conquering the Polar Vortex…..

It would appear that the cold weather has arrived and it might be here for some time.  It makes for festive holidays, egg nog and what not with the possibility of getting snowed in somewhere remote.  While others are out raiding Kroger for bread and milk, you should take a look at our new outerwear that will help you endure and survive the Vortex in style….. and while you’re at it why not throw on a colorful scarf from our many resources!

Windproof – Waterproof (with Gor Tex) from Dubarry

Dubarry jkt


Sebastian – by Peter Millar.  A wonderful car coat that features Loro Piana Storm System.


Sebastian detail


Turin – by Peter Millar.  Quilted sportcoat that easily doubles as warm outerwear.




Westmorland by Barbour



Riber by Barbour



Riber 2


The always popular Dunmoor by Barbour



Dalish by Barbour



A favorite every fall…the fleece vests by Bills Khakis

Bills Fleece vest

Bills Fleece 2


100% cashmere vest from Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones vest

Bobby Jones 2


English Utopia

English Utopia

English Utopia 2

And don’t forget some great gloves from Barbour!!!

Barbour gloves

Barbour gloves 2



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