Argyles and Fair Isle! What’s Not To Love?

If you’ve been with M. S. McClellan for any amount of time then you remember when argyle and fair isle sweaters with your favorite jeans or khakis was the order of the day.  It not only looked right, but it felt right. It made fall feel more like, well… fall. Brilliant autumnal colors are the hallmark of argyle and and fair isle sweaters that go beautifully with cords, oxford cloth button down and a navy blazer and many other combinations.

We owe a debt of thanks to the Duke of Windsor for the popularity and endurance of these classic patterns.  For it was he that made both patterns fashionable on the golf course and for casual dress – and whatever the Duke wore conferred instant validity for the masses. Both patterns are synonymous with the word “preppy”, and why not?  Take a look at old Ivy League photos and you’ll see an argyle or fair isle sweater on someone.  Look at any old Ralph Lauren ad campaigns from the 70’s and 80’s and you’ll see an argyle or fair isle peeking out.  There’s a reason these patterns were once so ubiquitous – it’s because the argyle and fair isle work with so much and add a dash of color besides.

M. S. McClellan is proud to introduce a new offering from Harley of Scotland.  Simply beautiful argyles and fair isles that are sure to be a favorite in your wardrobe.  The colors scream fall and you’re bound to be noticed (for the right reasons) with these luxurious sweaters.  As we said above, they look right, they feel right and they make fall feel a little better.

Harley fair isle manny 1

What could be more perfect?? A donegal blazer with fair isle sweater, check pattern dress shirt and cords….

harley fair isle manny 2

Harley Argyle 1

How awesome is this?

Harley argyle 2

Harley Argyle 3

Harley argyle 4

Harley fair isle 1

Now this is great …. a fair isle shawl collared sweater.  

Harley fair isle 2

Harley argyle manny 1

Kind of begging for a day trip to the Smokies…no?

harley argyle manny 2


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