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The Finest Ties in the World

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Once upon a time, the finest ties were made in the Seven Fold tradition. It’s a process where the tie is entirely constructed from folded silk with no linings. It’s lavish, time consuming and yes, expensive. The good people at Robert Talbott resurrected the tradition in 1986 and they are the only American tie maker that creates these works of art. We carry the Robert Talbott Seven Fold tie in our store and bring in new styles seasonally, and we figured you might want to know a little more about these beautiful works of art.

Signs of Fall

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JV with donahue
Little by little the seasonal changes have been coming. And just our luck they have been coming sooner rather than later. That means tweeds, fall plaids, lightweight quilted jackets and lightweight sweaters are going to become the order of the day. Jack Victor suit with David Donahue

Alden Suede Make Ups

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hunter Green suede close up
M. S. McClellan is pleased to introduce for Fall 2014 these beautiful suede loafers from Alden. These are exclusive make ups that were designed by M. S. McClellan, and they are exceptional compliments to many a fall wardrobe. Think your flannels, cords, Calvary twills, tweeds and the like!

By Appointment

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We are always happy to meet with you at your convenience at the time that is best for you.  We'll take the headaches out of shopping as best we can and pre-select items just for you so your time is well spent.  We are also happy to meet you at our store after hours if ...

Reweaving Services

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A rip or tear in a suit or sport coat is an unfortunate but sometimes unavoidable incident. Fortunately for you, there is no need to throw out such a valuable investment. Through a relationship with Finest Reweavers we can offer reweaving services that will have your suit or sport coat looking like new. There is ...

Tie Saver Service

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A more common foible is the inevitable spot or stain on a tie. It is never recommended to take a tie to dry cleaner. That does more harm than good. But through a relationship with Tie Savers we can offer you a service to salvage a favorite or special tie without the damaging effects of ...

Barbour Rewaxing Services

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As an official Barbour retailer, we can offer to our customers the courtesy of sending your favorite Barbour to their U.S. factory for professional rewaxing.  A nominal fee does apply, and we encourage you to bring your Barbour to us in the late spring and summer months when you most likely will not need your ...

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