The Luxury That Is Barbera

October 30, 2014

After taking a break for a few years, we’re pleased to announce that we’re back in the fold with Luciano Barbera.  For those not in the know, Luciano Barbera is simply some of the most luxurious goods to be had. Beautiful fabrics drenched in the colors of the season make for pieces that will stand the test of time and quickly become favorites. This season, we’ve brought in an exclusive assortment of outerwear and sweaters.  We hope you’ll drop in and check out these treasures for yourself.

For starters, we have this lightweight, but warm, quilted soft coat.  Great by the fire and perfectly acceptable for a night out on the town.

Barbera quilted 1

The devil is in the details….

Barbera quilted 2

Add to this wonderful soft coat an equally cozy cashmere 1/4 button sweater from Barbera.

Barbera quilted detail

This vest from Barbera is the absolute bomb! So many times in East Tennessee all that is required is a vest and sweater combo to keep the chill off. This vest has a little more to it than the old puffer vest.

Barbera vest 1


barbera vest 2


And for a little sprezzatura, which Luciano Barbera has in spades, flip the inside of the vest pocket out for a ready made pocket square!

Barbera vest close up


Barbera vest pocket square

This beautiful cashmere sweater will go with anything you have hanging in your closet. Guaranteed.

Barbera sweater



The Finest Ties in the World

October 23, 2014

Once upon a time, the finest ties were made in the Seven Fold tradition. It’s a process where the tie is entirely constructed from folded silk with no linings. It’s lavish, time consuming and yes, expensive. The good people at Robert Talbott resurrected the tradition in 1986 and they are the only American tie maker that creates these works of art. We carry the Robert Talbott Seven Fold tie in our store and bring in new styles seasonally, and we figured you might want to know a little more about these beautiful works of art.

Some things worth knowing…

*Seven fold ties are made entirely by hand and use a full yard of silk that is folded seven times. It’s a labor intensive process as the silk is cut and sewn by hand.

*Due to the hand making process, seven fold ties are a limited production of 40 ties for each pattern and then discontinued.

* The cost can be an eye opener, but the seven fold tie is the ultimate neckwear. If you want the most beautiful neckwear made from the best fabrics then the seven fold tie is for you. It’s the most luxurious piece of neckwear in the world.

Check out the video from Robert Talbott to learn more about the seven fold tie. Come visit us to see them for yourself.


Signs of Fall

October 22, 2014

Little by little the seasonal changes have been coming. And just our luck they have been coming sooner rather than later. That means tweeds, fall plaids, lightweight quilted jackets and lightweight sweaters are going to become the order of the day.

Jack Victor suit with David Donahue shirt

JV with donahue

Empire purple based plaid sport jacket – a great take on some fall pop of color.


Empire 2

Beautiful suit from Southwick – great with the new Alden suede make up in hunter green or navy.

southwick suit

Southwick 2

Another beauty from Southwick that will look great with cords, cavalry twills or jeans

Southwick sport jacket

Southwick sport jacket 2

This is just a sampling of the new fall offerings from Peter Millar. More is coming every day and it all looks great!

Peter Millar

Peter Millar 2

We’re pleased to announce that we are an official Dubarry of Ireland retailer. Great outerwear and shoes will be coming in this season.


Dubarry 2

Wolverine Boots are just some of the best. Here is a new model of the Montague that we have been carrying. A little more refined.


Alden Suede Make Ups

October 20, 2014

M. S. McClellan is pleased to introduce for Fall 2015 these beautiful suede loafers from Alden. These are exclusive make ups that were designed by M. S. McClellan, and they are exceptional compliments to many a fall wardrobe. Think your flannels, cords, Calvary twills, tweeds and the like!

While this may be peacock material, the colors are subtle enough to not be over the top. There are many fall combinations that will make these shoes a perfect part of your overall look.

We have these shoes available in the dress penny loafer in hunter green, the tassel loafer in both navy and snuff suede. All styles are $505.

hunter Green suede close up Navy suede 1 Navy Suede close up Snuff suede 1 Snuff suede close up Alden navy suedes Hunter Green suede 1